What to look for in junkyards

Auto recycling is a $25 billion business in the United States, and each year nearly 75 million citizens visit junkyards in search of quality used auto parts.
That means about 245 million people don’t visit junkyards each year, and this article is for those 245 million. Used Auto Parts, the premier scrap yard in the US area. Call us for information on quality junkyards (junkyards) and everything you need for used auto parts.

A Secret About Junkyards

Most people don’t know this, but almost every junkyard has the ability to connect to an app and find used auto parts for sale at junkyards across the country. There are literally tens of thousands of junkyards in the United States, so the fact that a junkyard owner has computer access to the inventories of so many junkyards greatly increases the chances of finding the used car or body parts. you need.
The truth is that a junkyard can’t possibly have all of the auto parts on its lot. Absolutely impossible! Hundreds of parts per car, hundreds of makes and models of car, each car produced for decades, all this means a junkyard would need an inventory of hundreds of millions. .. Impossible! Therefore, internet access is the only way for a junkyard owner to find the part they need. How do you distinguish a good junkyard from a mediocre one? It comes down to three things: friendly service, price and speed of delivery!

Friendly Service

Consider this about Used Auto Parts serving the great people of US for over many years. Considering we’re not the only scrap yard in Tarrant County, that speaks to our friendly customer service. suggestion to you: Don’t settle for poor customer service. You have too many options for the parts you want. Why pay money to a company that doesn’t value you as a customer?
the average discount on used parts at a junkyard is 40%. Some regularly discount for less than that; some for more than that. Our tip: call and compare prices. Find consistent and fair prices.

Delivery speed

how fast can you deliver this car part? How long do you have to wait? At Used Auto Parts we can ship virtually any part in a day or two and we don’t think you’ll find a better delivery promise. Call again and find out. If someone can’t guarantee delivery of a part within a week, don’t do business with them.
A final word on used car parts.
We are locally owned and operated in the US, meaning your dollars stay in the US economy. your neighbors and we believe neighbors take good care of neighbors. For your used auto parts needs, give us a call and ask about our 90-day guarantee on all used auto parts.