Use Of Disabled Vehicles: What You Need To Know!

Many of you use disabled vehicles or ask yourself specific questions before purchasing an accessible car. If there is someone in a wheelchair around you or if you have a disability yourself, you know that safety on the road is just as important as it is for any other non-disabled person. It is simply more complex to understand and requires some additional knowledge.

Another essential thing to keep in mind and to respect:

Passengers who are “overweight” compared to these values ​​(whether they are in a wheelchair or able-bodied) cannot be denied access to the vehicle on the pretext that their morphology or their weight is “out of the norm.”

To our knowledge, your insurer is not entitled to refuse to cover you for the sole reason that a passenger weighs more than 75kg or that a passenger in a wheelchair weighs more than 160kg. However, we advise you to contact your insurance company to obtain official written confirmation from them on this point.

Be aware that, even if this is not required by current French legislation, there are tie-down straps systems designed and crash-tested by their manufacturer to withstand loads heavier than the regulatory 85kg: either up to 170kg and even 200kg per wheelchair (+ the theoretical weight of the occupant which is therefore 75kg).

The places provided by the manufacturer for the person (s) in a wheelchair (and for the non-disabled) in the vehicle.

The distribution of weights between the front and the rear / the right and the left of the vehicle limits the risk of exceeding the maximum permissible loads on each axle or of imbalance.

Overloaded Vehicle: What Are The Risks?

Security Risks

A vehicle that exceeds the authorized weight (the MMA) presents a danger to the occupants and other road users. Why?

  • Because it is much less manageable.
  • Because overloading changes the behavior of the vehicle when driving since it increases braking distances.
  • Because it increases the risk of overturning on the road.

Risks Of Forfeiture Of Guarantee By The Insurer

In the event of an accident, and if it is proven that the vehicle was overloaded (total passenger weight + load more significant than the MMA), your insurer may refuse to cover you. Search for wheelchair and scooter lifts