Different Tyres With Excellent Grip On Snow And Ice

winter tyres

You have to make sure that you get an excellent grip in the snow and ice from your winter tyres. This is basically the key differentiator between good and bad winter tyres. The studded tyres always have the best properties in these kinds of conditions, as the studs will help you to provide an excellent grip on ice, while in the snow; both the non-studded and the studded tend to have mostly similar properties. However, nowadays, the new non-studded tyres can provide excellent grip also in the ice due to innovations when it comes tothe rubber compound and the design of the tread pattern. Non-studded tyres don’t have studs, so they will need to rely on the properties of the tread to produce these properties.

Today your only alternative isn’t anymore, only studded tyres to ensure that you have an excellent grip on snow and ice. Nowadays, the non-studded tyres are so good that the non-studded tyres can actually compete on this. So, the choice becomes more down to people’s personal preferences. Some will prefer studded tyres as they feel that they are safer and provide better grip. They often think that the non-studded tyres aren’t really winter tyres as they don’t have studs. 

In contrast, others have already adopted the non-studded tyres and have understood that they can have a similar performance during the winter as the studded tyres. They also have some other advantages as there are not the same restrictions on their use as there is with studded tyres. Non-studded tyres can be used in all the countries and don’t have date restrictions for when you can use them, making changes to and from winter tyres less complicated. You still have to change as non-studded tyres are made for winter conditions and will wear faster in warm summer conditions. 

Both non-studded and studded tyres are so-called dedicated tyres, requiring that you have a set of summer tyres for warmer seasons. So even if you choose non-studded tyres, they are not for all-year-round use. Some tyres are approved for winter use while they are also good for summer use; they are the so-called all-season tyres. They will function as winter tyres when the temperatures drop and you have winter conditions. They will behave like summer tyres when you drive in warmer conditions. The hybrid tread can cope with both conditions. This makes them very flexible, and you always have safe tyres on your vehicle, even if you have very sudden weather and temperature changes.

The all-season tyres can be used during the whole year regardless of weather conditions so that you can completely ignore the weather forecasts. They will, however, not be as good as the best winter tyres, as they are a hybrid tyres and have to cover a wide range of properties. They are though approved for winter use, so they have the same approval as winter tyres have, which make them a safe choice.

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